Wild Woman Gypsy

A Two-Day Workshop That Will Change Your Life

             It begins with physical, mental and emotional exercises to release & shift.                    Haunting and lyrical songs are used to discover polyphonic techniques.

             Vocal techniques, group-strengthen practices and earth harmonies combine.   

We've made this as affordable as possible to help share the incredible, deeply personal work the instructors of Laboratorium Piesni bring.

We also are working with several groups to cover as great an area as possible in this one month event.  We have three workshops in September 2017 arranged.  The instructors are arriving one week before the first workshop and will happily add one more weekend if your group would like to host them.  Contact me (The WildWoman) today if you are interested.

Authentic Voice Workshop with Song Laboratory!

             September 2-3  Springfield IL sold out

              September 9-10 Puget Sound WA  ​sold out

             September 15-17 New Orleans LA  

             September 22-24 Dallas/Fort Worth TX  

Welcome- WildWoman is thrilled to be a co-host with Opus Collaborative Arts on bringing the wonderful instructors of Song Laboratory to their first U.S. event.

This is truly a unique experience, and it comes at a time when we need to uncover and REVEL in our true voice, sharing its strength and sending it out for all to hear!